Single-Point Threading

Thread Milling

Family Overview

A family of tool holders designed to machine single-point threading applications. These holders work in conjunction with standard Carmex thread turning inserts. This enables tool reuse, resulting in a cost-effective solution.

Our range of solutions for single-point threading consists of the following line of holders:



A product line of thread milling holders that work with stock Carmex thread turning inserts (either partial or full profile).

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Currently, the holders can be used with insert sizes of 06 mm, 08 mm, and 11 mm.


  • Internal coolant bore (except for SR0250H08C)


  • For an internal application, use an internal, right-hand insert
  • External applications are supported only by the holders that accept 11 mm-sized inserts (for now, these are SR0010M11C and SR0375M11C). In those cases, use an external, left-hand insert.