Private Label Solutions


Our company is highly experienced in developing new products, as well as customizing existing ones, for our business partners (small and large alike). In fact, we have developed tools for some of the world’s leading manufacturers.

Carmex has a proven track record of aiding OEM and private label partners increase their product range, and boosting sales. Regardless of whether the task at hand is a creation of a new product lineup, or offering an existing line of Carmex products under a private label for brand leverage, we can help. Our entire engineering team with its many decades of engineering experience can be put to work for the needs of your company, from the initial prototyping stages, through the entire production cycle.

We invite potential OEM and private label clients to get in touch with us, and find out more about Carmex, and how we can accelerate their growth. To do so, please see the details specified on the Contacts page.