Modular Line

Modular Line

Turning adapters and boring bars for internal threading and grooving applications


  • Highly accurate turning ML adapters provide full flexibility and easy adjustment
  • Full repeatability
  • A single boring bar fits multiple ML adapters
  • Reduces tool inventories, by allowing an investment in a single boring bar, and right and left hand ML
    adapters from the same size
  • Adapters support all standard Carmex thread turning inserts (sizes 16, 22 and 27 mm)
  • Grooving size 16 mm inserts fit the MLR/L 16-32 and MLR/L 16-40 adapters
  • Adapters are coated with a highly abrasion-resistant nickel layer that prolongs their tool life

High pressure cooling

ML boring bars and adapters are designed with internal coolant allowing high pressure up to 120 Bar. High pressure coolant reduces the cutting edge temperature, provides better chip evacuation and improves tool life. The tools can also be used with normal coolant pressure.