Solid carbide thread mills for high cutting stability, with additional flutes

Two new product lines of thread mills have been added to the Mill-Thread Solid Carbide family: FMTZ and FT.
Both lines have been designed to achieve high cutting stability. They feature solid carbide thread mills that perform right-hand cutting with left-hand helix. During the machining process, the tool enters the material at the upper point of the cutting edge (close to the shank).

The difference between the two product lines is that FMTZ mills feature radial coolant holes directed to the cutting edge, whereas FT mills don’t. On the other hand, FT thread mills typically feature more flutes (4-6) than FMTZ ones (3-5).


  • Compatible with both right-hand and left-hand threads
  • Cylindrical shank
  • Uses a carbide grade that’s been optimized for High Performance Cutting (HPC), as well as edge stability


  • Smooth cutting operation due to reduced tool vibrations
  • The large number of flutes significantly lowers cycle times, improving productivity
  • Produces a high-quality surface finish


  • MT6: Ultra-fine grade with a universal PVD multi-layer coating for machining steels, stainless steels, and superalloys (Ni or Ti based). High heat and wear resistance.