CIM – Fast Clamping System

CIM - Fast Clamping System

With an internal tool indexing mechanism, and strong/rigid collet clamping for high stability


  • No screws required
  • Enables fast and accurate exchange of the Tiny Tool inside the machine, without removing the CIM holder from the machine, or additional tool setup
  • Holders with three clamping flats on the shank for maximum flexibility
  • Fits standard and special Carmex Tiny Tools
  • Internal coolant through the CIM holder and the Tiny Tool pointing to the cutting edge
Patent Pending

General use instructions

The CIM holder system is designed for a fast and simple way of achieving correct indexing of Tiny Tools inside the machine.

The following is a recommended procedure for first use:

  1. Adjust the rear stopper screw according the tool required over-hang. Insert the Tiny Tool into the collet and push it gently until it passes the internal indexing mechanism. Adjust the rear stopper screw according the required overhang (do not set the final tool orientation). That procedure should be done only once and outside the machine.
  2. Remove the Tiny Tool from the CIM holder, and mount the holder on the machine. Clamp it well and it is ready to use. At this point the clamping nut should be screwed on the toolholder collet by hand, and remain open.
  3. Insert the Tiny Tool into the CIM collet, and push it inside gently until you will hear a click. Rotate the tool by hand clockwise and counter-clockwise until you hear a click, and the indexing mechanism set the tool to center.
  4. Close the nut by using the wrench key. In this point, the tool is ready to use. For a tool replacement, open the collet with the wrench key, replace the tool, close the collet and continue working.