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Industry Overview

While the oil, gas, and energy industries may differ from each other, they all have some similarities: The continuous need to increase the capacity of existing equipment, lower cycle times, and reduce the down-times to a minimum; All without compromising on quality and consistency.

The continued global demand for gas and oil has brought new challenges related to resource extraction. In order to be able to live up to the expectations of the customers, the industry has been forced to tap into reserves located in deeper and more distant locations (whether on land or in bodies of water). Solutions to extraction in hostile environments (such as extreme temperatures, deep-sea pressures, and corrosive elements) are becoming increasingly important. All this makes the task of manufacturing the required components more complex than before. In addition, the importance of ecology in modern society means that there can be no compromises in regard to safety.

In order to increase the durability and reliability of these components, exotic materials and high-performance alloys (e.g. Inconel® and “super-duplex” steels) are now being increasingly used within the components. In addition, the equipment itself is getting heavier, while the permitted tolerances are getting smaller.

Carmex has worked with world-leading oil & gas companies in order to develop a wide range of cutting tools optimized for use in the energy sector.

In regards to threading applications, we’re able to provide solutions for the following threads:

  • Acme
  • API
  • API Round
  • API Buttress Casing
  • Extreme Line Casing
  • NPT
  • NPTF
  • Stub Acme
  • VAM

We also support the following API thread forms:

  • V-0.040
  • V-0.038R
  • V-0.050
  • V-0.055
  • Macaroni Tubing (MT)
  • American Macaroni Tubing (AMT)
  • American Mining Macaroni Tubing (AMMT)

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