Industry Overview

In recent years, the global automotive industry has faced many difficulties, including a decline in demand in several key markets, and shifting from traditional car ownership to ride-sharing and rentals – made easier by emerging technologies. Additionally, as legislative authorities and environmental protection agencies struggle to keep up with the latest developments in the automotive industry, they introduce more and more legislation and standards – affecting vehicle costs.

Despite of this, automotive companies worldwide are still expected to equip their vehicle with advanced equipment, and continuously improve car performance – while keeping the prices affordable.

In order to be able to reduce the end prices without compromising on quality, automotive companies are constantly investigating new ways of lowering production costs. Carmex is committed to helping our partners in the automotive sector by offering them cutting tools with improved architecture (and lower cost per unit).

Another important step towards potential cost savings is using the optimal cutting parameters. In order to allow our customers to determine these parameters as easily as possible, we’ve created the Tool Wizard software.

The web-based software allows the user to enter the parameters of their application (including the material). Then, it selects the best available solution for the job, and provides the user with easy to understand recommendations (including recommended tools, speeds, feed rates, number of passes, and other cutting parameters). If needed, it can even generate the final G-Code program for a wide variety of CNC controls.