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Carmex presents new innovative mill thread solid carbide tools for machining :

  • Hardened steels and cast iron up to 62 HRc.
  • High temperature alloys.
  • Titanium alloys
  • Super Alloys (Hastelloy, Inconel, Nickel Base Alloys).


The tools provide the possibility to machine materials with a higher tensile strength and hardness using relatively high cutting data.



  • Same tool performs thread milling and chamfering - saves machining time.
  • Increased cutting diameter - better rigidity and stability.
  • Coating provides high wear and heat resistance.
  • Ultra fine grade - dedicated for hardened materials
  • Short chips are produced insure high process security.
  • Short cycle time - increases productivity
  • Thread length up do 2 x D.


Carbide grade: MT9

Ultra fine sub micron grade with advanced PVD triple coating,


Available profiles - ISO, UN


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